Proprietary Solution

We use scientifically based products and methods to kill all lice and eggs on the head. Our 3-step process desiccates lice and their eggs in a single treatment!

Single one-hour treatment

The length of time to treat depends on the level of infestation and hair type. However, most cases are resolved within an hour.

No pesticides, no toxins

Unlike most lice treatment products, no pesticides or other harsh chemicals are used at Gulf Coast Lice Removal.

Highly Effective

Our premium service is so effective that we stand behind it with a 21 day retreat policy!* If evidence of a continuing live lice infestation is observed within 21 days of the initial treatment, we will do a comb-out for FREE!  Re-infestations are not covered.

*All siblings and parents must be head checked by one of our technicians for the policy to be valid. This includes all members of split households.