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Our In-Clinic Treatment kills lice and eggs in a single treatment without pesticides or harsh chemicals. No more hours of combing at home or sleeping in oil.


Our clinic / salon is clean and our staff is friendly. Kids kick back to watch Disney+ while we get rid of the lice. Kids love us!


We use scientifically based products and methods to kill all lice and eggs on the head. Compare us to commonly used products to see why we’re the best choice.


Having children, we have all encountered those little bugs that are difficult and time consuming to get rid of!  I was thrilled to find Gulf Coast Lice Removal on-line and called them up immediately after the school nurse gave me a ring to tell me the kids had lice  We went immediately and I was impressed with the service provided.  It was the easiest, quickest, most convenient experience!  The ladies were so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful with tips!  I will NEVER try and handle the lice situation on my own ever again!

ElizabethFairhope, AL

My family and I would have been lost if it hadn’t been for this clinic.  The treatment was effective and the customer service was excellent.  They went above and beyond to ensure that my girls were well taken care of.  I can’t say thank you enough.

SheliaMobile, AL

Lice Removal Services

At Gulf Coast Lice Removal we provide safe head lice treatment for those in Baldwin County, Mobile, and along the Gulf Coast. If you are suffering from pediculus humanus capitis you know the frustration caused by the condition, and how it can disrupt your life. When in search of a one treatment solution, look no further! Our clinic provides a variety of options, including our proprietary solution that works to dry out and kill those pesky bugs and their eggs!

When you are looking for a nit removal shampoo, you will come across various products in retail and drugstores claiming to provide relief. Unfortunately, many of the traditional products used for decades not only are ineffective against today’s tougher strains of nits, but also contain potentially harmful chemicals such as insecticides.

We take a more natural approach, whether you decide to have treatment performed in our clinic or do it yourself at home with our pesticide free products and tools.

Our full service Signature Treatment provided in our salon is proven effective, making it possible for you to avoid the mess, stress, and hassle of using OTC products while reaching the result you expect. It only takes one treatment and does not require at home combing or worse yet …. sleeping in oil. At Gulf Coast Lice Removal, we invite anyone along the Gulf Coast region in search of effective, non-toxic and fast lice treatment and removal to contact us today at 251-660-4312.